Movie Trailer Alert!: “Automata”

Anybody who's a fan of robots and Gabe Ibanez should be excited by this. The trailer for his latest feature, "Automata", has just dropped. Utilizing the "robot dystopia" as a backdrop, "Automata" explores the...

Vince Vaughn To Join True Detective?

File this under "highly suspicious", but Vince Vaughn is apparently poised to join "True Detective" Season Two. The award winning show is already looking to add Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch to the mix.

Dudes…Where’s My “Wonder Woman” Movie?

The title says it all. The question may seem benign and somewhat moot, considering the more important things one has to struggle with. But the question leads to a rabbit hole that allows us to ask it in a different way: "Is Hollywood afraid of women?"