Our “Philosophy”

A lifestyle brand? Is that what this is? Developed by a social worker who loves movies? That’s weird. Not sure. Maybe?

Are you a media company? Yes. But to be honest, it’s the multimedia platform of one dude. It’s sort of his personal multimedia platform…

So…that means he’s talking to himself right now, right? Yeah…again, it’s just one dude. But it’s also a collective.

That’s sounds real stupid. I know. Not sure what this is supposed to be either. Anyway, a message from our founder (me):

“The Nerd Convocation is a multifaceted, years long multimedia project and collective. As a movie/film based collective, our goal is to provide a unique vision with our multimedia projects. As consumption coupled with collaboration, our aim is to provide a multimedia experience free of frills and marketing. We would rather have you focus on white space than an ad targeting your mental health. The user experience is what you want it to be”.

What does that mean exactly? Not sure. But entertainment always provides the following:

1. A Creative Vision: What is the message?…
2. Logistics & Locales: When & Where? (quite simply)
3. Crew: How many & why?
4. Equipment: Methods of Image Capture
5. Post-Production & Planning: The Final Product May Look Like This…

Is that supposed to be profound? Sure! But as of now, we’re just trying to get content on the site. So please excuse our overabundance of movie trailers.

I know, I know. It sounds like a bit of a lofty endeavor. But hey, I got time. And don’t hesitate to contact us (me).

The Nerd Convocation