Jennifer Lawrence is back! Maybe not “back”. Back-ish? That makes more sense, right? I mean, she’s been around. It’s not like…damn it! I’m doing that thing again. The actress is currently doing the PR rounds for her latest film, Causeway, and in a New York Times profile, the Academy Award winner discussed the highs and lows of her career:

In an era when new movie stars have proven hard to come by, it’s no wonder that Hollywood grabbed onto Lawrence like a life preserver. Still, she could only remain buoyant for so long. In her mid-20s, as she finished up the “Hunger Games” franchise and moved on to films that were less warmly received, she could sense her fans’ dismay: “I was like, ‘Oh no, you guys are here because I’m here, and I’m here because you’re here. Wait, who decided that this was a good movie?’”

Was there a certain title that made her feel that way? “‘Passengers,’ I guess,” Lawrence said, singling out the lambasted 2016 sci-fi romance she starred in with Chris Pratt. “Adele told me not to do it! She was like, ‘I feel like space movies are the new vampire movies.’ I should have listened to her.”

Of course. I too live by the following mantra: Always Listen To Adele.

Causeway, also starring Brian Tyree Henry, is currently in select theaters and streaming on Apple TV+.