You guys in Hollywood literally made this movie many times. Via Deadline:

20th Century’s next series of Planet of the Apes films looks to have found a new lead for future installments as sources tell Deadline that Owen Teague has been tapped to play the lead primate in the newest film in the iconic franchise. Wes Ball is taking over directing duties for the property, which hopes to start production before year’s end.

Not much is known about this latest installment as Ball and studio execs have kept plot details under lock and key. That said, the property has been a high priority for the studio going back to when Disney acquired 20th Century and made it clear that the plan was to get the next Planet of the Apes pic in development as soon as possible. The studio would tap Ball to direct in 2019 and he has been penning the script and working with VFX teams since then.

Make it stop.