America in 2021 is going through some…things. One of the many issues centers on the labor movement in this country and the number of people who have gone on strike. With workers from Nabisco (resolved!) and John Deere (over 10,000 currently on the picket line) going on strike, it’s safe to say that the working class are tired of low wages, measly healthcare, and the disdain they face for advocating for a better life.

This is even true in a place known as Tinseltown (not sure they still call it Tinseltown). Significant labor issues in that space are nothing new and the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike proves it. However, labor issues continue to persist and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees was set for a strike. Fortunately, it’s been resolved. Via Variety:

Negotiators from the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees have reached a deal for a new three-year contract, averting a strike that would have shut down film and TV production across the country.

“The IATSE & Hollywood 13 Locals achieved a tentative agreement w/ AMPTP,” the union told members Saturday afternoon. “Strike averted!”

The union sent out a list of bullet points on the deal, including 10-hour “turnaround” times between shifts, 54-hour weekend turnarounds, and 3% wage increases for each of the next three years. The deal also includes increased meal penalties, improved wages and working conditions for streaming productions, and a “living wage” for the lowest-paid workers.