As the Rebooticusuccubus monster moves through Hollywood, it’s appetite cannot be satiated with just the food of previously made franchise films. Nay. It must be fed a steady diet of previously made movies AND TV shows. Soon it will devour all we know that is original and beloved. For as the monster goes, so do we. Wait…where was I going with this? Oh yeah… Via Deadline:

Emmy-winning former The Americans star Matthew Rhys has been tapped for the lead in Perry Mason, HBO’s limited series from Team Downey. Rhys will play the classic character in the reboot, which tracks the unorthodox investigator/defense attorney’s origin story. Perry Mason is in the process of hiring a director, and once a helmer is on board, the series is expected to head into production.

I can already hear my parents lamenting the good ol’ days when a plus-sized white man used his wits, charm, and near perfect legal skills to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. Will I end up watching this? Ummm…yes.