As much as I love Netflix one of my biggest pet peeves with the streaming giant is the lack of advertising. Granted, they have a ton of TV shows and movies to choose from. But if that TV series or movie involves a marquee actor or actress, wouldn’t it make sense to up the ante? Which brings me to my latest post. Starring Anthony Mackie and Margaret Qualley, IO is another entry in the dystopian “the Earth is f!@#ed” genre. The trailer does a great job of outlining the narrative and anything with Anthony Mackie is worth watching. So, I’ll forgive you Netflix…but just this one time.

IO hits Netflix on January 18, 2019.

Sam, one of the last survivors on a post-cataclysmic Earth, is a young scientist dedicated to finding a way for humans to adapt and survive, rather than abandon their world. But with the final shuttle scheduled to leave the planet for a distant colony, her determination to stay is rocked by the arrival of another survivor, Micah. She must decide whether to journey with him to join the rest of humanity and begin life anew, or stay to fight for Earth’s survival.