I may have stated this before on this site, but biopics are hit and/or miss. Strike the right tone, you may get a Oscar winner. Alienate the audience, and you’ll end up with something along the lines of like All Eyes On Me (Pac deserved better by the way). That being said, one of the Marley children is trying his hand with the biopic game and is bringing his father’s life story to the big screen. Via Deadline:

Ziggy Marley and Paramount Pictures are developing a biopic on his father Bob Marley, the musical legend who brought reggae into the mainstream. Bob Marley died of cancer at the age of 36 but in that short lifetime, he changed the landscape of music, introducing generations to reggae music with such hit songs as Get Up, Stand Up, One Love No Woman, No Cry , Could You Be Loved, Buffalo Soldier, Jammin and Redemption Song.

The best part of this Deadline article is this part at the end:

Marley, who is repped by WME, also created the graphic novel Marijuanaman

Now that’s the movie I want to see.