Okay! Per Hollywood Reporter:

Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay are heading to Netflix.

Reynolds will star in Six Underground, a Bay action pic that is seeing Skydance Media partner with the streaming giant.

The deal makes Six Underground the biggest movie push for Netflix since Bright, the cop action-fantasy film starring Will Smith and director David Ayer. Until now, the streamer has focused on more mid-level and low-budget productions and acquisitions. A movie by Bay, the filmmaker behind city-leveling staples such as the Transformers and Bad Boys franchises, and Reynolds, coming off the massive opening of Deadpool 2, is groundbreaking for the company.

For Six Underground, Reynolds will be reunited with his Deadpool and Deadpool 2 writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who penned the script.

Sources say the plot revolves around six billionaires who fake their own deaths and form an elite team to take down bad guys.

I’m not sure what to make of this, but I’m pretty sure that this is by far the oddest movie idea I’ve ever heard of. And I’m assuming that the Netflix pitch went something like this:

Reed Hastings: “Give it to me, dawg. How are we ruining the movie industry today?”
Netflix Exec: “Ummm…we got a pitch about a kick-ass group of billionaires…”
Reed Hastings: “Keep going…”
Netflix Exec: “…who decide to form a vigilante team, and…”
Reed Hastings: “We’ll take it!”
Netflix Exec: “But you haven’t heard the rest of the pitch!”
Reed Hastings: “Ummm…we keep making Adam Sandler’s movies, so I’m pretty certain I don’t care.”

They want all of the money. Here’s hoping that Netflix at least includes the song of the same name by The Sneaker Pimps: