Granted, there have already been a bunch of posts elsewhere concerning this film, but because we’ve been gone for so long, I thought I would post something. Anyway, it looks like another high profile actor has joined Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. Per Variety:

Pacino will play Marvin Shwarz, the Hollywood agent of Leonardo DiCaprio‘s character in the film who is a former western TV series star struggling in a Hollywood he no longer recognizes. Brad Pitt co-stars as the actor’s buddy and longtime stunt double. The movie is set in late 1960s Los Angeles around the time the Charles Manson cult killed the pregnant actress Sharon Tate, a period that many have marked as the end of the hippie age in the United States.

I’m not too sure I’ll see this one in theaters. I’m a fan of Tarantino, so I’m hoping this doesn’t turn out to be what I think it will be: the glorification of high profile murders. But knowing Tarantino, I might already know the answer.