Hey folks, this is our official, “we’re back from a long hiatus because the founder of this site needs to do a better job of running it” post. Also, I’m lazy. With that being said, we’re pretty excited about bringing you the official trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s latest feature. Starring Jennifer Lawrence (meh), Javier Bardem (okay, I’m intrigued), Michelle Pfeiffer (whaaaat?!), Domhnall Gleeson (lol, quit playin’, y’all), and Ed Harris (oh…this is going to be good), mother! is Aronofsky’s latest descent into horror. The film’s teaser trailer made no sense, which is why I included it with the official trailer. But then a new trailer dropped, so now we have three. And because of my lateness in posting the first two trailers, I accidentally stumbled upon some official pics from the film. Enjoy!

(Pics via EW)