Will Triple Frontier get made? A while ago, we reported that the Affleck brothers may join the film after a myriad number of actors were either considered or passed on the project. Unfortunately, Ben Affleck is out too. Per Deadline:

Ben Affleck has decided to drop out of Triple Frontier, the JC Chandor-directed hot button thriller that is mobilizing at Netflix. Affleck is going to take some time to focus on his wellness and his family. The film will move forward without him; it is casting up quickly. Affleck is expected to be at San Diego Comic-Con this week to promote Justice League, which he stars in this November.

Knowing Hollywood, it’ll be revived in some way, shape, or form. J.C. Chandor is a gifted director (All Is Lost is pretty amazing), so the possibility of this film being completed is something I look forward to. This film has a lot of potential, so losing and finding the right actors may be the best route.