Anything related to Michael Mann is a good thing in my book. When we first brought you the news, we sort of assumed that something of this caliber would end up at HBO, or even Showtime. But the book by Mark Bowden is being adapted by FX. Per Deadline:

In a competitive situation, FX has landed rights to turn the Mark Bowden bestseller Hue 1968 into a limited event series that will span eight-10 hours. Michael Mann and Michael De Luca will creatively quarterback the adaptation of Bowden’s kaleidoscopic account of the bloody siege that became the turning point of American involvement in the Vietnam War. Mann plans to direct multiple installments of the series, including the opener, and he will produce alongside De Luca and FX Productions. The hope is to be shooting by year’s end in Asia. The book was just published to critical acclaim by Grove Atlantic.

With the addition of this, I think it’s safe to say that FX is making its turn into prestige TV. Will this last? Let’s hope so. Much of FX’s strategy appears to hinge on taking a chance on quirky TV shows that normally would not find an audience (Atlanta, Legion), but defy convention. However, Hue 1968 takes on a narrative that not only covers familiar territory, but provides multiple accounts of a historic event. I’m looking forward to this.