Ben Affleck’s The Accountant was a serviceable action movie, albeit with a confusing plot, that attempted to showcase a somewhat understated performance by Ben Affleck. His performance was…okay? Regardless, someone at Warner Bros thought to themselves, “Hey, this movie about an autistic man who becomes a vigilante money launderer is really something else! Let’s do a sequel no one really wants. Do we want this?”

Apparently, someone else at Warner Bros agreed, and is going ahead with a sequel. Although it was not the critically acclaimed film one would hope for, it did make a hefty $86 million domestically, with a $155 million worldwide haul. Per Deadline:

Warner Bros is mobilizing a sequel to the 2016 hit The Accountant. Screenwriter Bill Dubuque, director Gavin O’Connor and Ben Affleck are in talks to return, along with the producers Lynette Howell Taylor and Mark Williams. All those deals are being worked out right now. I’m told they will then work out the beats of the story, which likely will include Jon Bernthal, whose character asserted himself at the conclusion of the first film.

As much as I would like to drag this possible sequel, I will more than likely see it then complain about how unnecessary it was. In other words, the story of my life.