We have some pretty great news, folks. We were pretty sure we would write about these folks again, so I’m not surprised by their success. Brown Girls, the Chicago, IL based web series, is making a transition to HBO. Yes, you read that right. What a time to be alive! Per ELLE:

Brown Girls was special. Before the OpenTV web series premiered here at ELLE.com in February, the trailer had amassed thousands of views online and attention from celebrities like Willow Smith, as well as media outlets including Vice and NBC. The show later hosted premieres across the globe in cities including Los Angeles, New York, London, and Chicago, where the show takes place. The night of its premiere, Brown Girls became the second most popular trending topic on Twitter, a testament to the strength and beauty of its story.

With its loveably messy characters and relatable yet specific coming-of-age storylines, Brown Girls helped normalize and increase the visibility of women of color, especially queer women of color.

ELLE.com is happy to announce Brown Girls writer Fatimah Asghar and director Samantha Bailey have secured a development deal with HBO to bring an untitled series based on Brown Girls to television screens. The show will be produced by 3Arts and MXN Entertainment. Here, Asghar and Bailey share how the production of the web series was a grassroots effort, their shock over the series’ popularity, and why it’s important to bring shows featuring women of color and queer people to the air.

This is awesome. We’re seeing more and more diverse faces in the realm of movies and TV. But to be honest, there is still plenty of work to be done.