Al Pacino is heading back to HBO. After playing Phil Spector in what could only be described as an “inspired” performance, the legendary actor will be portraying another iconic, and somewhat loathed figure. Per Deadline:

Almost two years after HBO hit pause on its film about the Penn State football scandal starring Al Pacino, the project is moving forward with a green light and a new director. Barry Levinson is set to direct and executive produce the movie, reuniting with Pacino and HBO.

Originally, HBO Films had the Scarface duo of director Brian De Palma and Pacino who had paired up for the project, then titled Happy Valley, in 2012. The film was in pre-production in fall 2014 when it was put on hold over budget issues, with De Palma leaving soon thereafter.

The movie — now untitled — chronicles the fall of Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno, whose legend was undone by revelations he and others in the football program were aware that former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was molesting children, and did little to stop it.

With Phil Spector, The Wizard of Lies, and this possible film, HBO is officially the home of the “old white guy who does terrible things, but attempts to cover them up” biopic.