David Oyelowo continues to raise his profile. The British-born actor has been in a number of high profile roles recently, and is slowly becoming the face of racial dramas. Having already starred in Selma and A United Kingdom, the actor is poised to take on another significant role. Per THR:

David Oyelowo will star in Arc of Justice, playing a doctor who was tried for murder in Detroit in 1925.

Narcos helmer Jose Padilha is directing the film based on Kevin Boyle’s 2004 nonfiction book Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age. The story tells the true story of a racial incident in 1925 Detroit that put African-American doctor Ossian Sweet on the stand for murder for simply defending his newly bought property against a mob of white rioters — during which his defense was funded by the nascent NAACP and led by legendary lawyer Clarence Darrow.