Jordan Peele is about to make that scrilla, y’all (sorry for my use of mid-late 90s slang). The Get Out director has not only proven he has the chops to direct a film, but a horror nonetheless (which is amazing, because a lot of horror films, ummm, kind of suck). The Key and Peele co-creator is in a bit of rarefied company, and appears to be making the most of it. Per THR:

Universal Pictures is saying “Get in” to Get Out filmmaker Jordan Peele.

The studio has signed Peele to a first-look overall production deal with his Monkeypaw Productions banner.

Under the two-year deal, Universal stakes a claim to Peele’s next film, an untitled social thriller that he will write, direct and produce. That project is looking to have a larger canvas than Get Out as the budget will be about five times bigger than his low-budget movie Peele made with producer Jason Blum.

The deal comes as nearly every studio had been chasing to work with Peele, who wrote and directed the breakout thriller released in February that became a cultural phenomenon thanks to its creative way of tackling racial issues. The movie, which Universal released, has grossed over $194 million worldwide and was made a budget of about $5 million. The studio moved swiftly and aggressively to bring the actor-filmmaker into the fold.

“Through extraordinary imagination and fearless humor, Jordan has proven himself to be a game-changer who is driven to tell stories that are as commercially entertaining as they are disruptive and provocative,” said Universal chairman Donna Langley. “The entire Universal family takes great pride in his incomparable filmmaking debut, and feel fortunate that this studio will be Jordan’s home for many years to come.”

Another socially conscious film? I’m with that (again, sorry for the slang). But what could it be? Misogyny? Antisemitism? Homophobia? This is America, and we have plenty of horrible topics to choose from. USA! USA!