I like James Cameron. I really do. But he might become the Dr. Dre of movies at this point (when is Detox dropping y’all?). When Avatar was released, the film sustained its #1 spot at the box office for quite a few weeks, and eventually brought in $2.7 billion worldwide. So, a sequel was a no-brainer. But if you thought we would just have one or two more movies, James Cameron just called your bluff. Per The Playlist:

So, what is 20th Century Fox, Cameron’s plans? Four, count ‘em, four “Avatar” films starting 2020.

“Avatar 2” — December 18, 2020

“Avatar 3”— December 17, 2021

“Avatar 4 — December 20, 2024

“Avatar 5”— December 19, 2025.

I have a feeling James Cameron sits in his office loudly proclaiming, “You guys don’t think I’ll do it?! You know what?! F@#k it! I’m adding two more films to this thing!”. It’ll never end…