Because competition was somewhat scarce this weekend, a little movie you may have heard of is #1 at the box office yet again. The Boss Baby beat out the competition with an estimated $26 million. Disney’s live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast continues to chug along, and took in an estimated $23 million for the #2 spot. And for some reason, Smurfs: The Lost Village came in at #3, with an estimated $13 million. Going in Style and Ghost in the Shell round out the top five.

1. The Boss Baby: $26,363,488
2. Beauty and the Beast: $23,652,605
3. Smurfs: The Lost Village: $13,210,449
4. Going in Style: $11,932,330
5. Ghost in the Shell: $7,306,413
6. Power Rangers: $6,199,403
7. Kong: Skull Island: $5,576,182
8. Get Out: $4,057,330
9. Logan: $4,021,829
10. The Case for Christ: $3,967,885

(Box Office Report via Box Office Mojo)