As horror dives back into the mainstream, which everybody should be happy about, more and more creatives are developing properties that provide more than cheap thrills. One of the studios that has been behind the recent renaissance of actually good horror films has been Blumhouse. The studio has made a name for itself rather quickly, and it appears that they have no plans on slowing down their momentum. Per Deadline:

Blumhouse has launched an independent television studio with ITV Studios acquiring a 45 per cent stake. This investment, which values the company at $80 million, according to sources, gives Blumhouse Television the ability to be a true independent studio with the ability to finance and producing original scripted and unscripted ‘dark’ genre programming aimed at global audiences.

The first two series in the deal will be a series version of The Purge, the highly successful genre franchise that will continue as a feature, for USA and Syfy.

I’m happy for Blumhouse, especially since Get Out has become a monster hit for the studio. But do we really need to see The Purge as a TV series, when we’re already living it now? I kid, I kid. Sort of…