A movie about a talking businessman baby was #1 at the weekend box office. The Boss Baby beat out the competition with an estimated $50 million. Disney’s live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast took in an estimated $45 million for the #2 spot. The highly anticipated live-action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell came in at #3, and rightfully so (Hollywood needs to do better in regards to Asian and Asian-American representation in films). Power Rangers and Kong: Skull Island round out the top five.

1. The Boss Baby: $50,198,902
2. Beauty and the Beast: $45,420,743
3. Ghost in the Shell: $18,676,033
4. Power Rangers: $14,200,307
5. Kong: Skull Island: $8,587,454
6. Logan: $6,108,084
7. Get Out: $5,660,210
8. Life: $5,551,767
9. CHiPs: $3,958,188
10. The Zookeeper’s Wife: $3,288,835

(Box Office Report via Box Office Mojo)