We won’t be seeing The Dark Tower in July after all. The film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel has hit a bit of a speed bump, and will continue to tease us with a longer wait time. Per Entertainment Weekly:

In The Dark Tower, the mythical, shadowy edifice they’re chasing is also elusive. It exists in a trans-dimensional state, and pinning it down to a specific time and place can be difficult.

The same is true of the movie. It just moved back another week, to Aug. 4.

Originally slated for release this past February, the adaptation of Stephen King’s epic six-guns-and-sorcery tale later shifted to July 28 — a date that seemed to stand despite the lack of a single trailer with only about three months to go. (By comparison, the new version of King’s It just dropped its first trailer, and that doesn’t open until Sept. 8.)

Does this bode well for the film? Maybe. Maybe not. But I’ve waited a long time to see this film adaptation, so tacking on another week isn’t the worst thing to happen. That would be Sleepwalkers.