Nic Pizzolatto quickly became the wunderkind creative of 2014. The True Detective mastermind introduced an anthology series that showcased the best of prestige TV. Then Season 2 came along. Bogged down by a slow start and a somewhat muddled plot, Pizzolatto soon fell out of favor with critics hell-bent on proving his one-hit wonder status. Talk of Season 3 became D.O.A., but it appears that it might be given new life. Per Entertainment Weekly:

After being off-the-air for two years — and following and plenty of speculation about its future — HBO’s True Detective is making some progress behind the scenes toward a new season.

EW has exclusively learned that creator Nic Pizzolatto has penned at least the first two episodes for a potential third edition of the acclaimed anthology crime drama.

We have also learned that Emmy-winning writer-producer David Milch — the mind behind dramas such as Deadwood and NYPD Blue — is coming on board to work with Pizzolatto.

The extent of Pizzolatto and Milch’s collaboration is still early days and not yet formalized. Obviously, Milch’s experience as a writer will be a key component, but for the record he’s not expected to serve as the True Detective showrunner (at this stage, there is no specified season 3 showrunner). Also keep in mind a third season has also not yet been greenlit, so new episodes are far from certain.

At this point, HBO might as well greenlight a Season 3. Game of Thrones is nearing its expiration date, and it might be wise for HBO to resurrect their once beloved anthology series. Aside from Westworld, HBO may be in need of an additional series to satiate America’s Sunday night viewing habits. And a bit of comfort food TV might be the best short-term solution. I’m hoping David Milch’s involvement leads to a role for Ian McShane. Because you can never have enough Ian McShane.