Director Justin Lin is tackling history for his latest project. The Star Trek Beyond director is set to bring a Black Panther Party film to Netflix. Per Deadline:

Justin Lin and screenwriter Mark Heyman have become the latest movie makers to take the Netflix plunge. Lin, who directed four of The Fast And The Furious films and most recently Star Trek Beyond, has made a deal to direct The Stand Off, a period drama written by Black Swan scribe Heyman. Film takes place in December, 1969, when a newly formed Police unit known as the “SWAT team” embarked on their first major operation: to raid the Los Angeles Headquarters of the Black Panther Party. Seen from both perspectives, the resulting face off would be the most intense in the city’s long history, and its ramifications are still felt today.

Lin’s wheelhouse tends to be action, and the topic of the Black Panther Party is pretty heavy dramatic material. It’ll be interesting to see what he does with the film, because there is plenty of material to tackle. The blending of heavy action with a true life tale is nothing new in Hollywood. Here’s hoping Lin can pull off it off.