Michael Mann’s long gestating Enzo Ferrari film is getting back on track. After initially casting Christian Bale for the role, the Batman actor dropped out due to health concerns related to gaining weight to portray the legendary race car driver. Fortunately for Mann, Hugh Jackman is readily available. Per Deadline:

Michael Mann’s Ferrari is revving again, with Hugh Jackman now in talks to play Enzo Ferrari, and Noomi Rapace to play his estranged wife Linda. Their relationship, as fiery and combustible as the race cars that Ferrari designed, plays a big part in the script Mann wrote. They have loosely been discussing this teaming for months, and now things are starting to move for a summer 2018 production start. This comes as Jackman’s final Wolverine turn, Logan, has become a box office juggernaut, grossing north of $250 million worldwide in its first week and about to pass $100 million in domestic grosses.

Ferrari is the drama Mann started in partnership with the late director Sydney Pollack almost 17 years ago. The film takes place in 1957, a year where passion, failure, success and death and life all collided in Ferrari’s battle for supremacy against rival Maserati.

As a fan of Michael Mann, I’m excited by this. Regardless of the subject matter, the director has the ability to make any film his own. And good race car movies are hard to come by. Looking forward to this.