The premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was intended to be DC Comics official entry into their extended universe, commonly known amongst fanboys as the DCEU. Unfortunately, the hype was better than the movie (still loved it, though). I think we all remember the ravenous reception the movie received when a teaser was previewed at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con International. But the less than spectacular reception of Suicide Squad further fanned the flames of criticism. And with the success of movies like Logan and Deadpool, it should come as no surprise that the DCEU might want to explore the concept of producing a R-rated movie in order to inject some vitality into their movie universe. Per The Wrap:

With Marvel superhero movies like 20th Century Fox’s “Deadpool” and “Logan” setting the box office ablaze with R ratings, would the home of Batman and Superman ever make a rated-R movie?

A well-placed insider at Warner Bros.’ DC Films says the answer is simple: Absolutely.

“One hundred percent yes. With the right character(s),” the person wrote to TheWrap.

Last week, Fandango conducted a survey asking moviegoers if they like their superhero films “Deadpool”-style, loaded up with sex and violence.

The answer? A resounding yes.

According to the findings, 71 percent of those polled said they want more R-rated superhero blockbusters. Eighty-six percent said they’re eager to check out “Logan” because it promises a “more violent R-rated X-Men movie.” “Logan” is the first R-rated film in the X-Men franchise.

My advice? Try making a really good PG-13 movie first. Let’s ensure that fans have a reason to get excited for a movie, rather than be let down with a false sense of hope, due to a brilliantly edited movie trailer (I’m looking at you Suicide Squad). But if DC feels compelled to produce a R-rated superhero movie, how about we pick this dude: