One of the greatest athletes of all time may be getting a biopic. Tennis legend Arthur Ashe’s life might come to the big screen. Per Deadline:

The story of legendary tennis champ Arthur Ashe, the first African-American player to be selected to the U.S. Davis Cup team and to win three Grand Slam titles, is looking to hit the big screen.

Scribe Krystin Ver Linden has just finished the script Ashe, which is being produced by Russell Hollander (Valentine’s Day), John Schoenfelder (Cargo) and Russell Ackerman (Cargo).

The biopic follows not only the sporting story of the tennis icon who defied all odds by becoming the first African-American to be selected for the U.S. Davis Cup during the civil rights movement, but also focuses on his emotional courage and bravery in terms of his humanitarian work and his choice to reveal to the world his struggle with AIDS. Ashe founded the Arthur Ashe foundation for the defeat of AIDS after contracting HIV.

Ashe is the only black man to ever win the men’s singles title at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and the Australian Open and was ranked world No. 1 in 1968 and in 1975 before he retired in 1980.

This is another example of a biopic whose time has come. With the right cast and director, this could very well be a future awards contender.