Not one to rest on his laurels just playing Captain America, Chris Evans is attached to portray another iconic character. Per Deadline:

Ruben Fleischer has been set by Lionsgate to direct Chris Evans in Jekyll, the feature based on the 2007 BBC One series. Evans came attached in July, to play the lead role of Tom Jackman. This sets up a couple of potential competitive situations, one of them involving the rival project at Universal that is being built around Russell Crowe. The other: which movie will Fleischer next direct? After all, he’s in the middle of Sony’s effort to sequelize Zombieland, which has now become a cult classic that launched not only Fleischer but Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin, and gave a second wind to Woody Harrelson. As a result, all of those stars are more expensive, and Sony is working on the deals. The movie wasn’t a blockbuster — $102 million WW on a $23 million budget — but it is the kind of clever film that has aged favorably and the post apocalyptic world can be expanded.

Marc Platt is producing with Ellen DeGeneres and Jeff Kleeman, through through their A Very Good Production banner, and scribe team Anthony Bagarozzi & Charles Mondry have written a script based on the Steven Moffat-scripted six-episode miniseries.

Evans is an actor who is always seeking a new challenge, so this role will suit him perfectly.