Warner Bros Exec #1: “We need to shake things up. What can we bring to the table?”
Warner Bros Exec #2: “We need fresh ideas. Our movie slate thus far hasn’t been great, but it’s not bad.”
Warner Bros Exec #1: “What do you suggest?”
Warner Bros Exec #2: “Hmmm…another remake!”
Warner Bros Exec #1: “Genius!”

Per Deadline:

Warner Bros is moving forward with a new incarnation of Little Shop Of Horrors, with Greg Berlanti set to direct and Matthew Robinson writing the script. This one will be a musical, a fresh version of the 30-year-old Frank Oz-directed film. That was based on the Roger Corman-directed 1960 low-budget sci-fi campy tale about a clumsy young man who raises a plant, discovers it is carnivorous, and kills to keep it fed. There is a memorable scene with Jack Nicholson as a pain-seeking dental patient in the original, replicated in the musical by Bill Murray. Marc Platt is producing. The 1986 film was scripted by Howard Ashman from his off-Broadway musical, with tunes crafted with his frequent collaborator Alan Menken. Sarah Schechter is exec producer.

And my soul gently weeps…