Wake me up when we’ve hit peak reboot. Per Deadline:

Paramount Pictures and Chernin Entertainment have acquired rights to The Green Hornet. Gavin O’Connor is set to direct a film that will overhaul the image of Britt Reid into an edgy protagonist capable of being the catalyst for a new franchise. O’Connor, who just directed the Ben Affleck-starrer The Accountant, will work closely with Sean O’Keefe, who’ll write the script. O’Connor will produce with Chernin Entertainment.

The preconception of Green Hornet is a campy ’60s TV series (that starred Van Williams as Britt Reid, and launched Bruce Lee as Kato), and a movie action comedy that starred Seth Rogen. The first crack at a movie came when George Clooney was transitioning from ER to screen stardom, and was set to star in a film at Universal that came undone when ER exec producer Steven Spielberg prevailed on him to instead star in the first DreamWorks film, The Peacemaker, in 1997. He moved on to Batman, and the film property moved to Miramax, and then Sony Pictures, which finally made the Michel Gondry-Rogen version. It did OK , but there was no sequel, and the rights lapsed.

Up next for Paramount? A gritty reboot of Dennis the Menace.