It seems as if every Disney movie will be getting a live-action remake, and Mulan has joined the ranks. Per The Hollywood Reporter:

Disney’s live-action retelling of the classic musical animated hit Mulan is a go. The movie, which is being fast-tracked, will hit theaters Nov. 2, 2018, and be released in 3D, the studio announced Tuesday. Disney is launching a global casting search for a Chinese actress to play Mulan. The news that the studio is turning its 1998 animated hit into a live-action title comes after such successes as Maleficent, The Jungle Book and Cinderella, among other titles. And Disney is currently gearing up for the release of the live-action Beauty and the Beast, which opens March 17 and is expected to be one of the top-grossing titles of 2017.

With the continued controversy with the lack of Asian representation in Hollywood, this appears to be a step for more inclusion. Here’s hoping The Princess Frog gets an live-action version as well.