Best known for his role as Jack Bauer in FOX’s 24, Kiefer Sutherland is returning to a movie that instantly became a cult classic. Per Deadline:

One of the original members from the iconic movie Flatliners is coming back for more. Kiefer Sutherland is joining the cast of the reboot of the 1990 film after schedules were worked out for the actor to do both his new ABC series Designated Survivor and the Sony feature film. Sutherland, who will play a seasoned doctor in the redo, joins Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, James Norton and Kiersey Clemens. His deal is not completely closed but he has committed to doing it.

The reboot has reportedly been in the works for a while, so it’ll be interesting to see how exactly Sutherland will be incorporated into the new version. Here’s hoping the reboot lives up to the original.