With a teaser trailer and character posters recently released, Netflix has delivered another trailer showcasing the intensity of Cary Fukunaga’s latest film, Beasts of No Nation. In an interview with Variety, Fukunaga revealed the hardships stemming from the movie set:

[Fukunaga] getting malaria was only the first in a series of disasters for “Beasts.” The camera operator pulled his hamstring on the first day, which meant Fukunaga had to fill in on that job, in addition to his roles as director and cinematographer, using a Steadicam strapped to his back…Actors wouldn’t show up for work because they lost interest, forcing Fukunaga to crank out morning rewrites. The cast was terrified of poisonous snakes, and the director–who travelled through the jungle with a machete and a stick–nearly stepped on a black mamba that could have killed him.

And judging by the early buzz of the film, it all seems worth it. Beasts of No Nation hits theaters October 16, 2015.