In news that excited no one, FOX has decided to remake a wildly popular cult classic. Per Deadline:

Tentatively titled The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event, the project is described as a reimagining of the campy horror feature, which continues to play in theaters around the world 40 years after its release-–the longest theatrical distribution frame for any film in history.

One can only assume that this is how the decision was made:

Rupert Murdoch: “Folks, we’re getting clobbered in the ratings race. And our Sundays have consisted of f#$king cartoons! I’m thinking we need something…different. How about that Rocky Horror Picture Show? We’ll remake it!”
Lowly Intern: “Sir…I have a few suggestions. What about making original content? Everything seems to be a reboot or remake, and I bet we could do something that can be refreshing and fun!”
Rupert Murdoch: *walks over to intern, throws him out the window* “Anyone else have any ideas? No? Good.”