In what has become a comeback of sorts for Clint Eastwood, “American Sniper” reigned at the box office for the third straight week in a row. Based on the autobiography of Chris Kyle, the movie has drawn plenty of controversy concerning it’s depiction of the Islamic world, and the American military. But a movie entitled “American Sniper” should surprise no one. It’s akin to watching “Nymphomaniac” and stating emphatically aloud, “My God, I thought this was going to be about puppies!” But I digress…

And proving once again why America can not have nice things, the possible nightmare inducing “Paddington Bear” comes in at…second place! Truly, what have we wrought? “Project Almanac”, “Black or White”, and “The Boy Next Door” round out the top five.

1. American Sniper: $31,850,000
2. Paddington: $8,505,000
3. Project Almanac: $8,500,000
4. Black or White: $6,456,000
5. The Boy Next Door: $6,093,000
6. The Wedding Ringer: $5,700,000
7. The Imitation Game: $5,173,000
8. Taken 3: $3,650,000
9. Strange Magic: $3,441,000
10. The Loft: $2,879,000

Box Office Report via Box Office Mojo