Quality TV is a medium that isn’t entirely exclusive to the United States. For every “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men”, there is something equally as relevant or good in international markets. Our brethren across the pond have a slightly different take on the medium of television.  Rather than stretch out really great ideas into a lot of unnecessary seasons that may irritate its fan base, they have what are known as “series”. Three to ten episodes here or there.  In some cases,  some shows don’t go past 5 series.  Which is a concept that US networks are picking up on.  Below are some favorites of ours here at the Nerd Convocation. And by ours, we mean just this one dude writing this article.

1. “Luther”
Anti-hero cop? Check. Unhinged criminals? Check. Idris Elba is the lead in this series about DCI John Luther. The unpredictability of the show is it’s hallmark, and sociopath Alice Morgan, played by Ruth Wilson, is worth the watch alone:

Where do we even begin? This is the one series on this list people will hate or love. Hate if you’re not into weird conspiracy theories involving a comic book detailing the world’s major crisis events. Or love because you’re into that sort of thing. Opening with a weirdly surreal “interrogation” scene, it’s that hook that will get you to binge watch this show from 3:00 am to whenever you decide to go to work:

3. “Sherlock”
No description needed:

4. “Black Mirror”
Two words: Pure awesomeness. Primarily because the first episode deals with a premise that is not only ridiculously impossible, but flawlessly brilliant. This series follows a vignette style format that details the destructive nature of the UK’s technologically obsessed culture:

5. “Dates”
The show for anyone in their 30s who’s been through the gauntlet of online dating. Also following a vignette style format, “Dates” is quite possibly the most honest depiction of 21st century dating: exciting, scary, and just enough W.T.F. to continue putting yourself through the ringer:

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